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Proceed with caution! Minor driving infractions will hike your car insurance

SAN FRANCISCO (April 12, 2016)—Today insuranceQuotes released its third annual Moving Violations report. The new data shows that while serious violations—such as driving under the influence and reckless driving—understandably cause car insurance rates to spike, minor violations hurt consumers’ finances as well.

Highlights from the report include:

Drivers who receive a minor speeding violation (1-15 mph over the legal limit) pay an average of 21% more for car insurance.

Other fairly minor violations that also carry high financial penalties include following too closely (19% increase), failure to signal (19% increase), and improperly driving in a car pool lane (18% increase).

The most expensive violations are DUIs (94% increase) and reckless driving (85% increase). The least expensive is not wearing a seat belt (6% increase).

 Rate increases differ from state to state. For instance, Hawaii has a shockingly high 290.68% rate increase for reckless driving; whereas if you live in Louisiana, reckless driving leads to a 29.28% increase. The below chart details the top ten states with the highest rate increases for moving violations (find the results for all 50 states in the full article).

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